First Grade Style


Every year (all two of them) for the first day of school, I’ve made a quick little edit like this.That’s Aubrey up there on her first day of 1st grade. She’s been super into choosing her own poses, which I think mirror her personality perfectly. I cracked up when she gave me her answer for what she wants to be when she grows up.

I’m really digging Snapchat’s recent background additions. It’s made editing photos easy & fun.


I said that Aubrey’s back to school wardrobe wouldn’t be completely from Target, but here we are. Idk what it is, I think maybe because growing up Target wasn’t the cool place to shop? As if that matters to a 1st Grader. Overall I’d say a healthy mix of her clothes come from Target, HM, & the Gap.

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4 thoughts on “First Grade Style

  1. Super cute blog!! I love seeing your creativity flow!! And now Aubreys also!! You’re such a great Mom Jess!! Aubs is lucky to have you in her I’m sure you’re lucky to have her alsođź’–

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  2. So proud of you Jess! This is 18 years in the making! Your real, fresh, honest perspective on being a kick ass mom, travel, food, fun and life in general should be read by all! Everyone is in for a real treat!

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