What’s in my carry on

This summer was filled with travel for us. I became a pro at packing my carry-on bag & wanted to share what I consider the ‘essentials’ for airplane travel. Please note that I forgot my beloved iPhone 7 plus / tablet, but since I usually carry those along in my purse, I didn’t picture them here.



Let’s start with the most obvious, the carry-on itself. Last Mother’s day, my husband gifted me the Never Full GM LV bag pictured. My first ever. *Thank you Bobby*. It’s proven to be my go-to for travel, as this bitch is literally never full. Plenty of space for my things + any additional items that didn’t fit in Aubrey’s backpack.

The first thing I usually set aside is my jewelry for the trip. I honestly think the main reason I include it in my carry-on is to lighten up my suitcase, gotta stay under 50lbs! That, plus my case is so cute. You can check it out here. Make-up is usually last as it’s all the products I apply before we head out. I wear make-up to fly on planes & yes I’m a monster.

Did I forget anything? What are your must-haves?



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