Mississippi & Louisiana

This summer myself & Aubrey joined my husband on one of his business trips to Mississippi. Usually he’ll be away from us for a week, & the timing was just too perfect (more on that in the next post) for us not to tag along. Let’s start first with 3 photos where I was very clearly feeling myself / my aesthetic:


If you follow me on Instagram or Snapchat, you’re used to seeing photos like this. I post photos like these for a variety of reasons, the main being that I just recently lost 20lbs & I want to show it off. The minor reasons are loving my outfits, decent hair days, actually brushing my hair days, etc. It’s ok to feel yourself =]

Our trip consisted of a kick ass suite (thanks to Bobby’s Uncle!), feeding & holding gators, shopping, & beach trips.


Do you see these things? PREHISTORIC. There are 19 pictured here, not counting the rest of the park or the ones underwater. They were uncomfortably huge & terrifying to look at. Aubrey, my sweet sweet baby girl, is the bravest of us all. No hesitation when Uncle Rich asked if she wanted to hold a gator. Here is where we went if you are ever in the area!


There was one place that I told my husband we couldn’t pass up. It’s called the Abita Mystery House & it’s in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Population: 2,500. If you’re wondering who I am in my heart of hearts, this place is it. ‘One man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. I love random shit, estate sale finds, thrifting…all of it. It was a handful of buildings filled with ‘treasures’.


I took Aubrey to the Gulf one day while Bobby was working & souvenir shopping at what may be the coolest store front ever. We enjoyed snow cones on the beach.


Our trip ended in New Orleans, one of my favorite cities. We met up with 10 of my family members to start the next leg of our adventure. To be continued..

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