Grand Cayman & Jamaica

In conjunction with my husband’s work trip, my *entire* immediate family planned a week long cruise to the Caribbean. 12 people total, cruising the high seas. It was an adventure to say the least, with a ship malfunction making us miss our last port of the trip in Cozumel. Still a blast though!


I picked this suit up on Amazon, along with all my other suits for the trip. I ordered one & was so happy with the quality, I ordered all my others from the site as well.

First stop was Montego Bay, Jamaica. We booked an all inclusive resort about a 10 minute drive from the port. The staff there was super friendly & the resort was gorgeous. I was hoping for some canopied lounge chairs on the beach, but what they lacked in instagram-able furniture they made up for it with unlimited Bloody Marys. All is right in the world.


You’ll be pleased to know that it only took around 8 pictures until we found ‘the one’ above. The water here was super clear, enough to see the lovely family of jellies that were swimming by shortly after the beach photoshoot. I bought this hat a month before the trip after seeing this beauty online. I didn’t want to shell out $500 for a sun hat so I opted for a much more budget friendly option from Tj Maxx.

Next stop was Grand Cayman. We got to visit a turtle farm, which was basically my daughter Aubrey’s dream come true. We swam with (& kissed!) stingrays at Stingray City & visited a little town called Hell. Charming. I can’t lie, jumping into the ocean (granted, it was waist high crystal clear blue waters) & being surrounded by stingrays was intimidating. But I’m happy I did it.


I honestly don’t remember the last time Aubrey was this happy. She’s a happy girl overall, but this was something else. Only the kids got to go in with the turtles, and they freaking adored it. Aubrey’s face in the first photo is classic Aubs.

One night on the deck, I noticed how insane the clouds were looking. The following is, wait for it..filterless. This is mother nature in all her glory. I sat outside until it was dark just in awe.


How cute is this guy in his flamingo shirt?

Overall, 9/10 vacation. With the only knock being that we missed the last port, I’m so thankful we can spend an entire week together without wanting to kill each other by the end of it.

I shall leave you with an ‘off guard’ photo of myself & a GIF of me drinking, until next time ❤




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