Tokyo Day 1

Over Thanksgiving break, my little family + my Mom spent the week in Japan. We combined my birthday & Christmas to make this happen, & it was basically a win win all around. We took a chance by taking our 6 year old Aubrey, & while in the end I don’t think she was quite ready to travel overseas, she has nothing but positive things to say now that we’re home. Real talk, wait to take your kid anywhere outside of the US. Wait years. Then wait a few more. I am blaming the slight attitude our angel had on the time change.


We visited Tokyo once for our Honeymoon & couldn’t wait to go back. I cannot say enough good things about the Japanese people. Everywhere we went, people provided excellent service (no tipping here because service should always be top notch!), hospitality, & sincere politeness. On this trip, we got in late at night so we started fresh early the next morning. Day one was spent mainly in Harajuku on Takeshita street, at Meiji shrine, & a quick visit to Hachicko at Shibuya Station.

Harajuku is a must see & first came onto my radar thanks to Gwen Stefani. She sang about Harajuku girls on her debut solo album & featured Harajuku Girl backup dancers on her world tour. The Harajuku culture is vast, ranging from typical cosplay to lolita & goth styles. Takeshita street supplies lots of kawaii Harajuku influenced clothing & accessories, along with some must-eat treats. For good measure, Harajuku Harajuku Harajuku. There, I think I’ve said it enough.






The cotton candy is something I consider a must do. A yummy treat that’s bigger than your head & super pretty to photograph, bought on Takeshita Street at The Totti Candy Factory. They had a patio outdoors where you had to eat, as to not disturb passerby’s. & up above my friends is exactly what it looks like, a creme brulee crepe. GET IN MY BELLY.

After roaming around Takeshita Street & the Omotesando area (think the Champs-Elysees with high end shopping), we visited Meiji Shrine. This place was smack dab in the middle of Harajuku, yet you felt miles away as soon as you were past the torii.







Outside of the Shibuya Station is a statue of Hachiko the dog. I linked an article earlier with his story, but the just of it is as follows. At the end of each day, Hachiko would greet his owner,Hidesaburō Ueno, at the Shibuya station. When Ueno died at work, never returning to the station, Hachiko waited there at the same time everyday for the next 9 years, nine months, & 15 days. He became known as faithful dog Hachiko.


Stay tuned for the rest of the trip, including Tokyo Disney & Tokyo Disney Sea up next!


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