Tokyo DisneySea 2017

Tokyo DisneySea is unlike any other Disney park I’ve been to. Right away, you are catapulted from anything resembling Tokyo into this water surrounded fort of adventure. I’ve read that Disney Sea is a park more for adults, & for the most part I’d agree. The details in this place are wild, complete with an active volcano & several unique lands:

You enter through the Mediterranean Harbor

A short walk will get you to the American Waterfront

From there, you can take a boat to The Lost River Delta

Then walk over to Port Discovery

Adventure to Mysterious Island

& for the kids, the Arabian Coast

& Mermaid Lagoon



Since our Tower of Terror was recently upgraded to Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission BREAKOUT!, I was thankful to ride the similar version at the American Waterfront. The story line here is a little different; the hotel’s owner mysteriously disappears (he’s a collector of ancient artifacts) & after some years, the New York City Preservation Society restored the hotel & opened it up for public tours. The drops were a lot more mild than the Disneyland version, but still a fun ride.


Ah yes, the real & only reason we traveled to Tokyo, GREEN ALIEN MOCHI. I saw these babies all over Instagram & Pinterest during my research & couldn’t wait to try them. Similar to the Storm Trooper mochi we tried at Tokyo Disneyland, these came in chocolate, strawberry, & our least favorite of the bunch, cream. They were so squishy & cute, not to mention IG worthy. The whole Toy Story land was incredibly done. We opted to skip Toy Story Mania as it’s a copy & paste (aside from the queue) of our ride back home. This is the one people are running to in the AM, very popular.



The Nemo & Friends Searider is the newest attraction at DisneySea, taking over for Stormrider & opened in May of this year. This was a cute little ride, shrinking you down to the size of a fish to explore the ocean with Dory & Nemo. I would compare this one to Star Tours, but a lot more tame. It’s a full theater of moving seats, with the screen in front of you guiding you underwater. Worth a ride!




DUFFY. The Japanese people love themselves some Duff (& friends). Remember when California Adventure tried to make Duffy happen? I remember buying Aubrey, then a small small infant child, a Duffy bear & outfits, thinking this was going to be Disney’s next big thing. lol. Well rest assured, Duffy is not only alive & well in Tokyo, he is thriving. He’s got his own show, snacks, & enough stuffed animal keychains to last a lifetime. We started with a cute Duffy, followed by his bestie ShellieMay, their friend Gelatoni, & ending with the newest addition StellaLou. They. Were. $18. Each.



The packaging on all the food was adorable. I loved this Minnie sea shell ice cream. The outer layer helped keep things clean & tasted exactly like the Keebler Sugar Wafers. Was it too cold for ice cream? Probably. But when you do your research & mark on the map all the yummy snacks, you don’t skip any.




Indiana Jones is Aubrey’s favorite attraction at Disneyland & was by far her favorite here at Disney Sea. This Indiana Jones is the Temple of the Crystal Skull so it had some minor changes. It was pretty awesome to hear Indi tell us ‘you had to look in his eyes, didn’t you?’ in Japanese. The outdoor queue was massive, that’s us in front of the temple ^^.

After a break in the room, we headed back out to checkout the Arabian Coast & Mermaid Lagoon. The Little Mermaid is my favorite classic Disney movie, so I was excited to explore. This area is designed with kids in mind, housing most of the the ‘kiddy’ rides at the park. After exploring for a bit, we headed over the Arabian Coast. I can’t emphasize enough how much thought was put into this park. I wish I did a better job at taking pictures, but I was trying this new thing where I wanted to be present in the moment.












Out of all the snacks, the Chandu tail kept catching my eye. There is an attraction here called Sinbad’s Storybook voyage, where Chandu is a character. The packaging again, too cute to handle. The actual ‘tail’ is a stuffed bun filled with creamed chicken & veggies, perfect on a cold night!

Although this was our second time at the park, I felt like we still haven’t seen everything. We haven’t tasted everything. WE HAVEN’T BOUGHT ALL THE SOUVENIRS. Until next time, Tokyo DisneySea.

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3 thoughts on “Tokyo DisneySea 2017

  1. Hadn’t heard of this so thanks! Looks like a great place to see and have fun. Nice that they think of the adults too! I always think Disney do this very well – they always put a couple of jokes in their movies for the adults too 😊


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