The Christmas season is upon us, y’all. Do you love Christmas or do you *love* Christmas? Growing up, my Mom always made the holidays special. If we were poor (we weren’t rich), I’d never know it with the way she spoiled us on Christmas. It wasn’t just the presents though. I have memories of us heading into San Francisco, armed with $1 bills to hand out to the homeless. We would adopt families in our community to donate gifts to & would always help out our friends if they needed. That is definitely something I want to pass down to Aubrey.

My mom started a tradition for us called the 12 days of Christmas. Each day leading up to Christmas, Santa would leave us a letter and a small gift under the tree. A movie we could watch or a board game to play together. New socks or lipglosses. Every morning we rushed over to the tree to read the letter. Santa always knew what we were up to. If you know my Mom, you wouldn’t be surprised to know she STILL does this for us & our kids.

There’s something about this time of year that makes me feel like anything is possible. Magic in the air kinda feels. I love decorating our home for Christmas to reflect that feeling. My favorite time to buy decorations is right after the season is over and everything is 50% off. When it’s time to decorate the next year I forget about half the sh!t we buy and it’s magical.

Enjoy the best parts of my house that are clean and decorated!

Michaels is one of my favorite places to go for little Christmas decor. I love their picks selection. There are so many different uses for them, but I use them mainly as filler. Please let it be known that I will never pay full price for something at Michaels & you shouldn’t either. Closer to Christmas, they will have their Christmas decor at 70% off, which is how I scored those candelabras at $10 each.

That big guy was the hugest impulse buy of all time. We got him at Orchard Supply & don’t regret it one bit. He is life-size & scares all the children who come over. #winning

This year our wrapping paper came from Target, the giver of all great things. My husband does the wrapping in our family. He used to work retail & has this whole wrapping thing down. I on the other hand apparently wrap like I’m blindfolded & drunk. However, I am allowed to do the decorating, which is my favorite part anyway. Suck it, Bobby.

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