Thoughts at 39 weeks

Well, we did it you guys. Blake is now considered full term & can grace us with her presence at any moment. As much as this pregnancy flew by, I also can’t remember a time before I was pregnant? At 39 weeks, I have some thoughts:

  • We have a fondue reservation for today. I hope we get to enjoy everything that fondue has to offer, but also hope I don’t go into labor immediately following the biggest meal of my life. Yikes.
  • “Are you over being pregnant yet?” Meh. While I am the most uncomfortable I’ve been, I’m not ready to not be pregnant anymore.
  • I still have to wallpaper a large wall & build a big bookcase. And by wallpaper & build I mean watch & delegate.
  • Blake doesn’t have a middle name, we should get on that.
  • Curious to see what I’ll actually use from my hospital bag. In all honesty, I tried to only pack the ‘essentials’: large cotton undies, a nursing tank & bra, fuzzy pink slippers & socks, hair ties & headbands, and all the toiletries to name a few.
  • I am very confident in my pregnant body. I feel really good about it. That was until I lifted up my belly (lol) and discovered where all the new stretch marks were hiding.
  • Aubrey rubs and kisses my belly all the time, I’m gonna miss that.
  • Confident that my body will do what it has to when the time comes for labor & birth while simultaneously being concerned for my vagina and it’s well being.
  • All of my pregnancy/Blake dreams have involved breastfeeding.
  • We go to bed every night wondering “is this our last night..? just us..?”
  • My ankles have been upset with me for the past 2 weeks.
  • Other than my ankles and some uncomfortable sleep, I’m not ‘over’ this pregnancy.
  • I’m ok with people texting me to see if any progress has been made, doesn’t bother me at all. But also, no progress has been made 😂
  • It’s weird to think about how long we’ve waited for this baby, and now she’s almost here. And weird that you are never truly ready for a newborn baby, no matter the amount of planning that goes into it.
  • Blake’s first trip to Disneyland will be at 2 months (after shots, yay!) for the new Oogie Boogie’s Halloween Bash. We need to get our costumes in order!
  • I’m excited for a lot that’s on the way, but I’m most looking forward to watching Aubrey meet her baby sister for the first time.

Over & out until Blake gets here ❤

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