Museum of Ice Cream San Francisco

Aesthetic > everything. The Museum of Ice Cream made it’s way to San Francisco, so naturally I sat in an online queue for an hour to secure our tickets. After seeing IG shots from Gwen Stefani & Queen Bey, I knew that I too had to dive into a swimming pool of fake sprinkles. All for the Gram. Enjoy=) 

We did receive a few yummy samples, including glitter dusted cotton candy, mochi ice cream, strawberry dipped soft serve, & a super tasty salted caramel ice cream & coffee drizzle. The rooms were so pleasing to the eye, including the disco ball box pictured below. My favorite room was the pop rocks room, which actually had the worst lighting therefore not worthy of a shitty iPhone photo. 
I cannot lie, after our short few minutes in the sprinkle pool, we ended up with sprinkles where sprinkles simply do not belong. If you’re thinking “how’d they get in your underwear though..?” we have already asked ourselves that same question. Poor Aubs probably had it the worst, as she went the hardest. 

​I felt like the museum had great flow, and they kept you moving at an acceptable pace to keep everything on time. It’s a forward moving museum, so once you enter into a room, take all the photos you want since you won’t be back. There were a few cringe worthy times when they encouraged you to mingle with strangers and have team cheers. Cringe worthy to those who prefer to just keep to their own anti-social selves. ME. 

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