5 Days away from 30


I turn 30 in 5 days.

Is 30 the new 20? Probably not. Will I welcome this new decade with open arms? More like a shrugging ‘meh’. I never thought much about turning 30 until this week, the end of my 20’s. My 20’s were a hodgepodge of the highest of highs & lowest of lows. I became a Mom & a wife, which were major #goals of mine. I lost my Grandpa, who raised me alongside my Mom. There was so much going on that the days felt long but the years flew by me. I remember going to a 30th birthday party at 21, feeling awful for the ancient woman. I laugh thinking of that feeling, because it’s so far from where I am today.

30 thoughts I’ve had about turning 30

  1. Do I have any wrinkles yet?
  2. No, in the clear.
  3. I do have enough grey hairs to last a lifetime though.
  4. My skincare game needs to be upped, yesterday.
  5. Have I done enough? If I died tomorrow, how would people remember me? (morbid & deep)
  6. I guess Taco Bell every week should take a backseat to ‘clean’ meals. Blah.
  7. Am I the old cousin?
  8. I’m OK with turning 30.
  9. I haven’t reached my goal of losing 30lbs before I turn 30.
  10. IDGAF I worked hard & lost 24lbs.
  11. I should probably invest in nicer basic tees, sweaters, & jewelry that doesn’t turn my skin green.
  12. I’m still a cool Mom.
  13. Be kinder to yourself. Be kinder to others.
  14. Thank you body for surviving my reckless 20’s.
  15. I’m on the right path. Life feels correct.
  16. Do I need to start dressing more… modest?
  17. No^.
  18. My family serves as my ‘clique’
  19. Friendships require some legit hard work, who knew we’d be this busy?
  20. Life is unfair, in a lot of ways. This doesn’t mean it’s OK to give up & not participate.
  21. Should I deactivate my Facebook?
  22. Forgive yourself, dude. You messed up 10 years ago, 5 years ago, 3 months ago. It’s ok.
  23. You need to unplug more.
  24. I don’t think *Nsync is ever getting back together.
  25. Being boring is cool with me. I’m not as social as I used to be. ACCEPTANCE.
  26. Accept apologies I never got.
  27. Don’t feel bad about going to Disneyland so often. Or donating too much money to the Arbor Day Foundation (sorry Bobby!!). Or living your life the best way you know how.
  28. Hangovers are two days long, make sure it’ll be worth it.
  29.  Ah 29, relevant.
  30. Life has been really good to you so far, growing old is such a privilege.

RIP to my 20’s, you were one hell of a ride.


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