Tokyo Disney Haul + Extras!


You know you bought a lot of sh!t when you have to mail some of it home. Let me start this post with a disclaimer: a lot of this stuff was purchased as gifts for other people (our trip was right before Christmas). + a lot of money was saved up for this trip. ++ it was a ‘treat yo-self’ trip. Ready to see what we bought?



Already I was getting excited. There was tons of stuff we shipped back home that I completely forgot about as well as items I couldn’t wait to try on. Tokyo Disney is home to some of the most extra & fabulous accessories I’ve come across, so I made it a priority to bring home some out-there head gear.






My *must have*  item on this trip was the super extra Mickey hamburger bag. I’ve seen this bag pop up so many times online during my merchandise research. By merchandise research, I mean Instagram research. Did you know you can search for photos based on location? I started browsing the Tokyo Disneyland location tag & found it was the best way to see what the park had to offer.

The smaller bags pictured are neck coin purses. All currency under $10 is a coin in Japan, so not only are the bags super cute, they’re convenient as well. There is even a card slot on the back of each one to hold your park tickets & fast passes.

The headgear I opted for was basically stuffed animals on headbands. You’d be surprised how many people opted for this style in the parks, guys included which was awesome to see. Disneyland Dads need to step their headgear game up, ASAP.




These lanterns are the freaking coolest. Aubrey loves taking light up toys to the parks & since we don’t have any of these at Disneyland, these were a no-brainer purchase. Each lantern projects a character onto the ground below, lighting the way at night. As you can see, we’ve already dropped Mike a few times & his eye is already chipped. Time to go back I guess.







My favorite in this batch is my Little Mermaid Shirt. It’s so loud & awesome, I’ll never forgive myself for not picking up the Toy Story Version. When we went to the parks on your honeymoon, we were disappointed that a lot of the apparel is character heavy. For this trip, we made it a priority to scope out anything that said Tokyo Disneyland or Tokyo Disney Sea. The best we found were these pre-packaged tees, so we were happy to add them to the pile. We picked up a few surprise bags & eggs for Aubrey as well as stationary for myself. The alien notepad is too cute! I would say price wise, a lot of it is comparable to our home park if not a little cheaper.






My favorite here was actually a gift for someone else, that little up right here ^^ They had a few different popcorn bucket keychains to choose from. They actually open up which is really cute. The ‘Catch the Little Green men’ was a Christmas gift for Aubrey which we all enjoy playing. Very similar to the fishing game like this but instead of hooks, it has THE CLAW. The face masks were another no brainer, because who doesn’t want to scare their kid as Maleficent?


Last but not least, THE CANDY. Most of this was picked up along the way throughout our trip with very few coming from Disney. Aubrey loves doing the DIT kits so we grabbed a few of those for her & her friends. We also had some requests for the fun flavored Kit Kats. Most of this was picked up because I thought the packaging was cool, or I remembered liking it from our honeymoon. The little pink square in the last picture are just little gummies you pick up with a toothpick, but oh so delicious.

Did you have any favorites here? Looking back on everything, first of all, damn. What a sh!t ton of stuff. But also, I want more? I will forever be planning trips back to Tokyo Disney to load up on all this Disney goodness.

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